Twice in her life, Sue Massey changed her fate by writing a letter. Now she reveals how these simple acts hurled her into an astounding new life, creating a story that made headline news. In vivid detail, Sue tells the tale behind the unforgettable photo taken as she watched her family’s farm sold off to the highest bidder. That iconic photo, depicting the Masseys’ loss of home, livelihood. and life as they knew it, grabbed the heart of the world and catapulted Sue and her family into the limelight – for better and for worse.

In this fast-paced memoir, Sue describes life after losing everything and – in an unexpected twist – finding herself. It’s a story of love, courage, depression, transformation, secrets revealed, finding voice, the search for home – and so much more. It’s a tribute and a love letter to our heritage. Read this powerful memoir, and be part of the transformation it describes.

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