Book/Farm Aid: It’s a beautiful, lyrical, heart-wrenching, heart-lifting story of a life,” seeded with universal parallels that made headline news.

“Letter from the Heart” is a beautiful, lyrical, heart-wrenching, heart-lifting story of a woman’s life. Sue Massey captures the heart of the matter so well, taking the reader on a journey of hills and valleys, love, fear, joy, pain, delight, pathos, relationships and growth. I loved being a part of the Massey family as I read this book. Sue is a writer who is willing to share the innermost places in her soul which in turn helps readers rethink their own lives. She is an energetic liver of life and her book makes me wish we were next door neighbors.
Patricia Lorenz, writer/speaker

I’m pleased to share that BRAVA Magazine has selected “Letter from the Heart” as its September Book + Wine Club title. –Kate Bast, Editor-in-Chief, BRAVA Magazine


Event: Book Signing – Meet & Greet with Sue Massey
Date: September 6th, Noon-3:00 PM
Time: NOON
Madison, WI, Saturday, September 6th, 2014
Barnes & Noble West Towne
7433 Mineral Point Road
Madison, WI

Madison area business woman, Sue Massey, introduces her memoir: Letter From the Heart. An unforgettable, inspiring true story straight from the heartland that made headline news. Letter From the Heart, the real story behind the iconic photograph, a long-awaited memoir just-released by first-time Wisconsin author, Sue Massey takes the reader on an emotional ride of universal parallels, and ends in an unexpected twist that even the author did not anticipate. The Masseys support Farm Aid. They hope to donate a portion of the book proceeds to Farm Aid during the September 13 concert in Raleigh, NC.

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