“This book needs to be on everyone’s summer read list.The images and feelings hung in my head long after I finished the book. During a time when there is so much uncertainty in the world, this book has a way of grounding us, taking the simple, and making it profoundly magical, like viewing the world through the eyes of a child. Thank you, Sue, for opening your heart and sharing.”

Zoe B.

“Wow, Sue, the comments are remarkable! I’d love to see this be turned into a movie. It’s ideal for television. I hope you pitch it somehow to Hallmark and Lifetime and Oprah and others. Hallmark and Lifetime are particularly eager to do fresh movies each year, but so are other channels. It could make a mini-series or two-part movie as well.”

Christine DeSmet, UW Communications

“What a wonderful, compelling book, written by Sue Massey. I literally couldn’t put the book down!”

Jane P.

“I took my time to fully enjoy your memoir & finished reading it, this morning. I found insight into some of my own past memories & present characteristics. So many pages of my copy are dog-eared with LOVE. Your Family & Jill are truly God’s Blessings. Thank You for sharing your “incredible journey towards wholeness” in a way that will touch others.”

Peg H.

“Oh, my goodness, Sue. Congratulations! I am thrilled for you and am so impressed by your dedication and perseverance. I am ordering the book and going to bring it to my book club (30 more orders!) and share the story of how the book came to be. I can’t wait to read it. Again, congratulations on the publication of your book.” Joanne Morici, Stoney Brook University, NY (Family Circle Editor who took Sue under her wing in 1986 to write/publish “The Last Harvest,” by Sue Massey.

No Name

“It’s great to see that many, many people loved your heartfelt and very well crafted story. It is very inspirational and, will give a big lift to all who read it.” Best regards, Ted Carlson, TDS President (a Fortune 500 company)

Ted Carlson, TDS President (a Fortune 500 company)

“Sue, I am three-quarters of the way through your book, and I can’t believe all that you have been through. It is just amazing, and the fact that I know you, makes it even more special to me.”

Maria C

“Can’t wait to read it. We are delighted to carry it in our book store,” Joann, Mystery to Me bookstore. “We are having an author Slam event coming soon. Hope you can join us.”

No Name

“I remember your story as if it were yesterday. I am so happy the memoir is finally available. We would love to carry the book in our gift shop.”

Barb, St. Mary’s Hospital

“I have every Alabama CD there is. I am a huge fan. I am for sure going to their concert in ND this summer. Can’t wait. I just bought your book, and look forward to reading it.”

Bill S

“I loved the way the book began with a letter and ended by wrapping it all up with the resurfaced love letter. Really well done. Now that I have finished, I will miss reading your story each night. I don’t know how you can remember all those details, and write it so eloquently. That’s amazing.”

Jimmy G

“It was such an inspirational read.”

Kari T

“The fact that your family is still intact despite the many adversities you encountered along the way, is testament to your love and devotion you have for each other.”

Rachel A.

“I am envious that you met Willie Nelson in person. He is my all-time favorite country singer. I just love him. It was fun to read about him in the book.

Kathy S.

“Sue, you are an amazing story teller. After reading your story, I can see how you have grown into the wonderful woman you are today. I am so proud of you.”

Lisa F

“I want my daughter to read your book. Marriage and life is not a cake walk.”

Bridget B.

“Mom, every time I read a chapter, it makes me cry: the way you write stories is really something. There is a lot I can’t remember. So it feels good to read about it. It is an amazing story. I am so proud to be a part of our family. I love you.”

Corey Massey

“Mom, after reading the book, your story, I feel like I really know who you are as a persons. It is wonderful. I plan to read it a second time. These are so many parallels to think about. I need time to absorb each one of them. Thank you for leaving this wonderful legacy behind for our family. I love you so much.”

Naomi Massey Haas

“Mom, your book is beautiful. Perfectly told. I wouldn’t change a word. You and Dad are amazing people. I am so proud of you.”

Maron Massey Collins

“Your whole family is reading the book, and loving it. It is just wonderful. You have done an amazing job telling your story. We are all so proud of you.”

Norma D.
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