“Sue, your book was fantastic. Your children are lucky to have such a brave and courageous mom as you. Back in the 80’s, many of us gave up. I am so glad you and Kenny made it through. I look forward to many, many more books, Sue.”

Mary F

“I have suffered with depression my whole life, I am so glad you openly speak about it.”

Jayden Z

“Letter from the Heart is excellently written by Sue as I was able to feel her words. I laughed and I cried. The book is truly inspirational and I could not stop reading as her writing style is very creative and unique. The book lends to many types of discussions and for many a source of understanding. Letter From the Heart is a must read for everyone.”

Susan S

“Wow, what a powerful story. Enjoyed it tremendously. Very moved about the clothes hook, and sharing memories with blue and yellow paper. I laughed out loud about your Dads oats getting flattened in a storm and his reply about how much the cows were going to like getting turned in there to clean it up. Your family has to be very proud of you.”

Vernon M.

“People think lots of things that one might consider weird. Those thoughts exist but not always in life do we get to share them. I like those kind of observations. Your love for the right pen, and the use of a comma. I love commas and have often felt the very same way you did about them but never knew that was unique, special, different, or worth sharing. I almost take a breath when I use one. I love using them. I have highlights throughout your book, but that one still blows me away when I think about it. There are so many layers to your memoir.”


“You have to contact Brava Magazine!! Your book would be a great feature for this new series with local authors!!! It would be a perfect fit.
I loved every page of your book and didn’t want it to end! I wanted to race ahead to the present day Masseys that I know, but I also didn’t want to finish the book because I wanted to keep hearing your stories. When I met you I instantly enjoyed being with you, and now I have even more admiration for your traits, values and the life you created for your family. Thank you for sharing everything – joyful and not so joyful. Your honesty made me realize that I am not alone with family challenges, and that we are all working to overcome something.
Your book arrived at a time that I needed it! Our lives have a A LOT of similarities and it was helpful for me to read your story.”

Sarah P.

“Sue, I just finished reading Letter From the Heart this weekend. I had a hard time putting it down. Although we have never met, you touched my heart with your memoir. Growing up on the farm was wonderful…going to bed tired after a hard day’s work, caring for the animals, running through the creek, counting the stars. When hardships happened, country neighbors pulled together. It is truly a very special way of life… I remember very clearly the photo of you and Kenny at the farm sale, and I was heartbroken.”

Jessie S.

“I finished Sue Massey’s book today. Wow. What a life. What a courageous woman. I loved the humility and genuine appreciation for life. Wonderful.”

Molly F.

“Bought your book…read your book and am so glad I did. The photo I saved of your family when you lost your farm takes on a whole new meaning for me. I don’t look at it the same way. I realize now that it was just one segment of the Massey’s wonderful life…hardships and all.”

Dorothy Kruse

“I just want to say what a pleasure it was reading your book. I was familiar with many of the names and places you mentioned and therefore felt a genuine connection to much of what you wrote. I didn’t know your mom, but I knew your dad (I think we used to take in your milk in the 60s, before my dad sold the factory to the Zimmerman brothers) and always found him to be a friendly, warm and generally amiable person. Not scary, like I found a lot of grown-ups to be in my youth. I found your story to be both heart-wrenching and heart-warming, and very readable. Anyway, congratulations and thank you for the read. Best Wishes to you and your entire family.”

Jerry Metzger

“I wanted to tell you that my nights before I go to bed have been filled with your book. I have enjoyed being with you as I settle down for the day and hearing of your journey. You have inspired me. You helped me through a tough moment in my life this last week as I had to say goodbye to my 15 year old cat named Cosmo who was the light of my life. You helped me to see that there were different types of pain in life and that there are ways to tackle them – one that came to mind from your sharing your life was to notice the little things that make life special. Your descriptions of flowers, of clouds… they brought me back to center and when I have been feeling overwhelmed, I think of those beautiful details that only God could provide for us. And I felt like you were writing in my back yard with mentioning Hwy F, Barneveld. I feel from getting
to know you in your book that I have known you for years!”

Jen S.

“Thank you for your honesty…spoken directly from your heart. By sharing your story, you capture the voice of blue collar, small business, working-class Americans trying to earn an honest living while recovering from the economic fallout. The insurmountable daily challenges can leave one feeling near hopeless. Your story inspires. It has the depth and power to touch the world, just as your letter did back in September 1985 at the first FarmAid concert in Champaign, IL. I admired your family’s courage then, and even more so now. The power of a simple letter written from the heart…”

Anonymous friend

“I am half-way through the book now but had to write and tell you what an impact your book has had on me. You have had an amazing life and accomplished so much already with I’m sure lots more in the future. You should be so proud of yourself and I’m sure your family is very proud too.
I also had to tell you in a weird coincidence that we attended Farm Aid II in Texas (we were living in Austin, TX at the time)! Small world!!”

Karen B

“When I got home, there were two books in front of me. One was by Sue Massey. The other was for my book club, by a famous author. I picked up the book club book, wanting to read that one first, so I could discuss it at my book club. My mind kept wandering and I couldn’t get into it or relate to it.
So, I picked up Sue’s book. I was immediately captivated, and completely taken by surprise by the wonder of what was inside. What a remarkable story and window into another world I had never even thought about. She is also an excellent writer, and the book is so honest, which I loved. Also, I found it very comforting as I have also experienced much anxiety around financial things, and to read Sue’s story really helped put my own situation into perspective–so it wasn’t just entertaining, it was helpful… I can’t imagine being so young, with all those children, all those premature births, and having no funds and no way out! I’m sorry that she struggled so much, but she also is so victorious and her family sounds amazing. And of course I love the fact that writing, and through writing specific letters, she has charted a course through her life. I also feel like writing is my strength in my life. Now, when you talk about the people who have helped you with
your yard, I have a whole new appreciation for that, that’s for sure! Please tell her I loved her book.”

Maren C.

“Letter from the Heart” is a beautiful, lyrical, heart-wrenching, heart-lifting story of a woman’s life. Sue Massey captures the heart of the matter so well, taking the reader on a journey of hills and valleys, love, fear, joy, pain, delight, pathos, relationships and growth. I loved being a part of the Massey family as I read this book. Sue is a writer who is willing to share the innermost places in her soul which in turn helps readers rethink their own lives. She is an energetic liver of life and her book makes me wish we were next door neighbors.”

Patricia Lorenz, writer/speaker

“I was born and raised in Italy. I do not know life growing up on a farm in America. It is so beautiful. I am amazed. I love learning about this way of life through your story. I had no idea. It feels like a dream.”

Gratzie V.

Sue Massey’s Letter from the Heart is a love story — of a couple’s love for each other, for their land, and for their children. It is also the story of a gallant journey to recover from a catastrophic loss. The next time you drive past a sign that offers a house and a hundred acres of land, you’ll understand on the deepest level that every time a family farm fails, each of us loses a piece of our cultural home. – Jacquelyn Mitchard, author, “The Deep End of the Ocean”

I laughed, I cried, I cheered Sue and her family on. Her story is mesmerizing, perfectly told, honest, and eloquent. I have a newfound appreciation of what it means to be a family, to honor and love a good man, to cherish our children and the little moments of happiness that sprinkle our days. I gained strength and fortitude from Sue’s story. – Sherill Anthony, CEO, Westfield Company

Sue’s book made me lose sleep because I couldn’t put it down at night! It’s excellent! Every page is ripe with thought, action, feelings, wisdom, and love. I don’t read many books twice, but I look forward to reading this one again! I just loved it! – Regina Golding, creator/teacher of “Writing From the Inside Out”

As C. S. Lewis once said, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” Sue’s story is a perfect example. Her book will immerse you quickly into her life with its deep connection to the earth. Revelations flow from the heart in an easy style. Sue’s love of the land, life lessons, and emotional experiences are eloquently intertwined into a captivating love story. After reading her book, you’ll connect more to your own loves, faith, fears, and destiny with deeper passion and renewed strength. – Yvette M. Kindschi, Owner, La Bella Vita

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